Investigator Collins earned a well respected reputation during his eight years in one of the largest PI Firms in the Northeast where he ran a team of investigators in the Boston Metro Area, organized training programs for investigators, and was integral in a unit that specialized in investigations major crimes.


In 2013, Investigator Collins opened Level Investigations.  Since then, it has become one of the busiest companies of its kind and is sought after by both top law firms and new bar advocates alike for his expertise and quality service.

Investigator Collins' resume also includes Board Certification from the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Counsel and is one of very few to have been awarded two commendations for "meritorious service and demonstration of superior investigative ability" from the CDITC.  He was the first ever to receive a commendation prior to Board Certification.  In addition to his extensive experience with criminal defense work, Investigator Collins has clocked countless hours providing surveillance for a myriad of reasons to customers of all kinds from people with small budgets to Fortune 500 insurance companies.  His recent involvement with the Board of Directors for the Licensed Private Detective's Association of Massachusetts has cemented his status as a leader in the industry.


Investigator Collins' ability to analyze mountains of facts, understand nuanced details, and maintain a proactive creative approach has proven vital to many clients.  Even the best investigation is useless without detailed, complete, and easy-to-read reports and Level Investigations does not disappoint in this area.

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